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Becoming YOU again

A journey to feeling confident and believing in you!

 Self-confidence, self-belief, self-love, etc all words that we see posted all over the world of social media.

But it’s easy to say this, but what is it? How do we become these things, especially when we have been on

some sort of rollercoaster and lost who we are as a person?

Life is hard, you may have had a baby, a divorce, traumatic events, hitting a milestone birthday, day to day life is stressful and all of these things just get on top of us, suddenly we are  35/ 40/ 50 and we think wow , what happened , who am I ?

Personally I lost myself, after a vast range of events in a very short space of time, moving to Wales, divorce, remarry, back to university, new job, weight loss ( not in a healthy way, but more on that later) then finally, the nail in the coffin ( so to speak) was my parents passed away suddenly .

There I was one day with a lovely little family, nice house and then what seemed like overnight,

I was an orphan, I felt lost, broken and totally devastated.

I lost myself for a long time, I was unhappy, I didn’t like myself, I was very sensitive to everything, I constantly, compared myself to others and at times hated who I was.  I was grieving, I was sad, I was angry, I was trying to find my pace in life.

I worked so hard, tried to put everything into other things rather than me and thinking of who I was or where I was in life.

I have thought about when things started to change for me, I honestly think it was coming up to 40,

I left a company after  nearly 13 years,  due to a number of reason, that left me hurt and a little broken, but I

decided to start JSP and the rest is history, as they say.

I honestly think this was a turning point for me and my journey into becoming a person who liked themselves,

started to enjoy life and becoming who I am today.

So how can you do it ?

In all honesty it is hard,  it takes time, it takes reflection, soul searching, talking to yourself and others,

it takes honesty, openness and being true to you.

Think what makes you happy? Think who do I want to be?  What will make me feel like me? 

Questioning yourself and reflecting on situations, or events that may have effected you. ALL things that you

can do to explore yourself.  Activities such as journal writing, gratitudes and mindfulness can aid you to find some type of peace.

Look good – Feel good!

I  am also a firm believer in if you feel you look good then it makes you feel good.

So spending time on you,  do your hair, just a bit of tan, or lippy, even nice pjs if at home.

My aunty always wore her pearl earrings, my mum always done her hair and put her eyebrows on and her lippy, no matter what.

I asked others what makes them confident in them selves, things such as:

Having hair done
Make up
Financial security
Feedback from others

For me I keep thinking when did I stop caring about what others thought of me?

When did I like myself? When did this happen?

A big part of me thinks nothing can hurt me , as much I have been hurt, so what have I got to  lose ?

Live my life how I want and for me!

I do love who I am, l do think I look ok for  an old bird at 45 year old, I do love that I am kind and thoughtful,

but I laugh at myself daily, I don’t take everything too seriously and I belief humour is a massive part of life.

Laughter is the best medicine 

People may  have an opinion of me, but truthfully, that’s their opinion and really none of my business.

Finding yourself is a journey and like any journey, it can be a long road with many many bumps along the way.

SO remember, no matter what has happened, you can become you again with  a little self belief, a sprinkle of

confidence and lot of spark.

Good luck and keep me posted .


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