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Its ok to have a bad day – It’s not a bad life!

I know I have had lots of bad days over the years. We all do and you know what…  its ok !

This last week, I have had a really bad few days, things getting to me, thinking too much, being on my own all day every day and feeling like its ground hog day !

I am trying to stay positive, think positive and be positive…. BUT OMG its hard.  It really is!


Personally, the lockdown hadn’t bothered me too much, I suppose I thought it will only be a few weeks, I like my home and being on my own, but now as we enter 9/ 10 weeks, its pretty scary, also the never ending news about this pandemic, the opinions of so many people, the facts and figures, there. Is no getting away from it and its not good for anyone’s mental health, to constantly think about this.    So, I have started to limit the amount of news I watch and interaction on social media. I turned off all notifications, so I can choose if I want. I have also deleted apps off phone on days, so if I want to look, I have to go to the laptop.

I am not burying my head in sand, but I am looking after me and my own wellbeing.  I am doing what is right for me.  Again, its ok to look after you- it’s not selfish.


When the bad days arrive and you just have no energy, no motivation, it’s hard to actually do anything.  I am not going back into the black hole of depression again, ever (I hope) that’s why I am taking my own action and the advice I give too many.


My own thoughts at present, I am sure I am not alone in this, but thinking, when will all this end? What is going happen? Will businesses survive? Will the world and how we live change?

The fear of the unknown.


I have written many times about trying not to over think and worry, try to just take it day by day.  But that in itself is hard.


So what to do when you are having that bad day ?  Do what ever you need to do. What will get you through that bad day.


So what will I do ?

Today I had my coffee and breakfast in garden

I actually sat down and wrote this blog and its made me feel better straightaway – so write how you feel.

I am going to take Albi , my mad westie, on a walk – if my pain killers kick in soon!

I am going get on top of work and prep for next week.

I will sort my car out!!

Tomorrow I have set myself the task of sorting the downstairs cupboard out – who knows what I will find, probably more shoes, could be a person living there, who knows.

I want to finish my book as I need to know what happens to Tess !

I hope the sun shines and I can sit in my lovely garden in the sun.

What I need to do is keep active, try to keep busy and give myself tasks.  Again, I say this to others, but not always myself!


Its ok to have that bad day but tomorrow will be a good day.

Stay well and love to you all






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