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Yesterday I was reading a lovely book and one of the characters was trying to fit in with a family,

her friend kept saying  just be you.

I wrote about becoming you again, but today I want to look at acceptance, accepting yourself and who you are,

your choices, decisions and feeing happy and accepting of yourself.

There is so many people ready to pass  judgment, give their opinions and wanting to tell you how to live your life.

I am a firm believer in other peoples opinions and judgment of me, is none of my business. 

It’s taken so so long to finally accept me, who I am , my decisions I have made, my mistakes, my past and

things that have happened to me.

Some one put on facebook a post about loving yourself, you have to love yourself, before others do.

It’s not being arrogant, or selfish, it’s vital to who we are.  100 % agree !

I can truthfully say, I do accept who am, I have had to walk away from relationships, to ensure I keep

true to me and who I am, also for my own sake and what I deserve.

I am really not interested in what people say about me.

Oh don’t get me wrong, for years I had tried to fit in with people, to make them like me, I wanted and needed to b

be liked. The feeing I felt, when I was bullied, stayed with me for years and was so scared this would happen

again. So I conformed, I tried too hard with others, to make everyone like me !

Someone once said, “You try to buy people “! They are not real friends if you have to buy them!  

Perhaps that was true, but I do love to give things including time and I like being thoughtful and giving gifts.

Thats me and i own this now.  Do I think people have taken advantage of me ? Oh yes and my kindness,

however there is nothing I can do about that now. What I can do is accept everything, accept what happened and accept

the choices  and mistakes I have made.

Its taken years of soul searching and hurt to finally  realise, it may not be me! it may be them !

If someone doesn’t like me, I can’t do anything about that, it’s nothing to do with me, why they dislike me

or what they think of me.  All I can do is be me and true to who I am.

I have reflected a lot how I became fully accepting of me as a person, all my faults, wobbly bits, cellulite,

my issues and I can finally look at myself, laugh at myself,  love myself  and  you know what I am OK!

Things that I think can help us accept us for who we are:

  • Forgive and accept your mistakes
  • Be kind and charitable
  • Laugh
  • Consideration of needs
  • Accept the past
  • Move on from the past
  • Celebrate your strengths
  • Do what makes you happy
  • List all you like about yourself
  • Do not listen to others opinion of you
  • Don’t judge and don’t allow others to judge you.

Let’s accept us and love ourselves!

Have a brilliant week



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