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Well what a year 2020 has been!!

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Well what a year 2020 has been!!


I don’t think we will ever see another year like it, or let’s hope and pray  we don’t.

We are now in November with only 8 weeks until Christmas, so I have been reflecting on the past few months as I prepare to have Christmas in the UK for the first time in 16 years…. Usually we are lying by a pool, enjoying and ice cold gin & tonic on Christmas day. This year, it will be costal del dinas, the gin and tonic will be present though,

Reflecting on this yea has been a total roller coaster for me, as I am sure it has for many.

I hit 45 and thought ahhhh lets start to cut down on work m, spend more time in house, enjoy life ,……

Then lock down happened, which helped to cut some stresses. Down, I had worked flat out for 5 and half years on my own business, I had worked flat out previously for organisation as well as spending over 5 years part time at university, gaining my Counselling and teaching qualifications.

Lock down, made everyone really think about many things, So I took time to look at my business and created a website and started blogging

Then something happened mid lockdown, which I won’t go into, but let’s say, someone went all out to try to put a scupper to me and my business.

During a couple of weeks of turmoil, it made me really think about what I have been doing and what I really want from my business and the next 10 years of a career.

My career had started in fashion and beauty and I have always loved fashion and I am a total make up addict.

I had wanted to take my business into a different direction for a while, into more coaching, wellbeing and mental health, mindset, behaviour coaching for individuals and organisations.

Bu I also wanted to try something different, I dreamt of my own independent makeup, beauty l and fashion label, which had the was the same concept of what JSP was about,

Feeling good, learning, inspire, develop and achieve what you can, be the best you can.

I started to thing about what I could bring to everyone no matter what age or size, to help them feel confiden t and good about themselves.

It took a long time for me to accept who I am and what I am..

I always loe the saying, I am what I am…


#beyoubyjssp was born, literally overnight.

I started 3 Facebook groups, 1 for all females, all males and a from this a group for menopausal, I wanted to reach out and help others, sharing stories, tips, shopping everything good and then for men to have a group to open up.

The female group now has nearly 500 members and I go live weekly discussing various topics.

I then started to research how to start my own label and started with my favourite product lip glosses and looked a different funky clothes that are comfy but a touch of glam, for all sizes and started to look at different ways to set this up… with groups and pages on social media and the rest is history…


Beyoubyjsp has only been going a few months, but the range is growing, I have 2 wholesale stockist that are stocking the make range and I am looking each day to expand and grow.


I want to help people, feel good, look good, feel nice no matter what, know they are not alone, open up talk, bring confident o others through

Talking, opening up about my history of mental health, my issues, sharing stores, bringing nice products and comfy glam clothes.

So far it has been an amazing feeling and a great response from everyone.


I have also been doing donations to charity from raffles, I feel I am doing my bit for charity,

SO really the idea of cutting back, has gone the complete opposite, I am working 7 days a week again, but for first time in a long time, I feel alive, I feel passion,

I have brought people together, talking, making friends through these groups.

Through the love of fashion, beauty and wellness


I really am proud to have born things that I am passionate about and empowering others and feel for the first time in forever proud of me.


The reason for reflecting on this, is to share that dreams can come true, you can achieve your dreams, you just have to take a chance and out of a really bad year, lots of good has come out of it. I have helped other, I have made new friends, I have achieved a dream of mine, I have reflected, I have done things I never thought I would, going live on you tube and Facebook for 1, now I am addicted and love it. .   I was always bound to be on the stage  sure …

Last thought, good things can come from bad situations.

Anyway take care from me and stay safe and sane







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