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Burnout ..

Is not just a word, it is something that can happen to anyone.  It has become more and more recognised that people do reach a tip
where they cannot keeping going without a rest or a  break.
So why does this happen ?
How do we know when we should stop ?
What can we do?
Burnout can also be classed as sheer exhaustion, its not just, I am tired, I need a sleep. It affects our whole body and mind.
It usually occurs when we have been constantly working, juggling everything, work, life, kids, family ..
People will put demand upon demand on us. We may not like to say no, we just keep on going.

Also with work, people may not want to say no, or their managers are work alcoholics and want everyone else in the office the same times, you may feel, like I need to keep up to keep my job..
IT also could be you have suffered a lot of upheaval or got through a tragedy of some sort, you have not taken time to grieve or deal with the situation.
All of these things build up and its like a pile of bricks, adding and adding, until one day you cannot take anymore and the brick crash !
If this feels familiar, you are not alone, but before that last brick is put on, stop, notice when you have started to feel
  • Exhausted
  • Sad
  • Anxious
  • Weepy & emotional
  • Forgetting
  • Brain fog
  • Cant get out of bed
  • No motivation
  • Aching
  • Headaches
  • Can’t concentrate.
Burn out is made up  of these things and you need to recognise these early, so you can put some strategies in place.
If you notice these things one the first things is to say to your manager that you need. A break, no not a day, a week,  2 weeks.
You need to reallocate tasks , tell your partner you need some break time
Start to do elements of self care, bath , getting early nights, try light exercise or  yoga even just stretches
Try mindfulness to start clearing your mind of things that are getting on top of you.
Write thing down that making you feel anxious.
Try to get away from home, a small holiday or even  a couple of nights in a hotel.
It can happen to anyone, but trying various mechanisms before you reach that point can also help.
Ask yourself….
Are you really going to get scared if you do your job well and allocated hours?
Is a job worth your health?
What can you put in place going forward .
Most importantly – you may be replaceable at work, but not at home.
Take care of you !

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