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“Other peoples opinion of me is none of my business”

I cannot think of the amount of time I worried what people thought of me, or the amount of people that would get upset about what other people has said about them.   I have wasted many hours getting upset about people and what they think or say about me.

That old saying, that sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me !

The truth is word do hurt ! BUT we cannot change what people think of us, or say, what we can do is change our mindset and start to think that they do not mean anything to us.

I don’t know or can I even remember when I stopped caring about what people thought of me, but when I left my job that I had been in for many years, I did start to feel a sense of relief, that I was my own boss and my own person.

The only person I had to let down was myself, the feeling that I was free, seemed to embrace me.

Also when my parents passed away, that was the worst thing in my life that had happened to me, many people lose their parents, but being an only child and having no real family left, it almost became my saying, what the worst that anyone can do ?

I ask people two questions when they say, they get upset about people laughing or saying things..

What does it matter ? Who are they to you?

By constantly worrying about peoples opinion, can consume you, stop you from being the person you want to be.

So STOP !!

Stop things of other peoples opinions, stop worrying about things, ask yourself, do they really matter, what is the worst that they can do to me ?

Some one commented to me once, you just say that you don’t care, you really do, you are a fake ….. Me your opinion is none of my business, that made me stop and think, I really have came full circle.

Being bullied over the years, I have taken thing so much to heart. I cried myself to sleep many a time. Thoughts of  why don’t they like me ?  Now I do things for me, I can’t make people like me, course I can’t.

But I do believe I am a good person, I have faults like everyone, but all I can do is be myself.

So when things are getting to you or people talking about you, or giving unwanted opinions of you .. ask yourself questions

  • What does it matter ?
  • Who are they to you?
  • What’s the worst that can happen?
  • Does their opinion actual affect you ?

Changing your mindset  is very powerful and will help you to build confidence in yourself.

That one day, you don’t feel dread, or feel upset when someone says something nasty to you or you hear that comments are made about you.

You will know you are true free and think……….

“Your opinion of me  is none of my business”

Have a great week





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