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One door closes and another door opens !

Have you ever heard of the that old saying, one door closes and another door opens and wondered what exactly does that mean?

I love a quote and it makes me stop, think and reflect !

When something happens to us, we often think why!  We often see the negative in a situation, rather than look at it differently.

Over the years, I have found myself in many situations, that I have thought, why me? Or panicked and saw the negative in the situation, worried about the future, taken things personal and consumed myself with a bitter feeling.

What good does that do? What good does consuming ourself with bitterness, or negativity actually do? The only person that suffers is us.

So…. where am I going with this ?

Mindset ! Changing the way we see things, can and will help us to take what could be a negative situation, in to an opportunity.

Last year, I saw someone do something to me personally, that I lost my job, so to speak. Something I had done for some time. At first, the shock was horrible, it was a viscous personal attack, however after a day or two, I turned this around. I did have support from the company I was working for and they gave me another opportunity to do something I loved.

I then decided, to do something I wanted to do for sometime, create my own fashion and make range.  So I did! ..

beyoubyjsp was created!  I also created 2 Facebook group to help men and women during lockdown and talk openly.. the JSP Haven.

Lockdown, gave me time to design and develop my website, my product range, work on social media and teach… Things that I loved.

So a door closed, ok slammed shut actually!  But I opened another door, stepped through it and ran with a new idea and really have never looked back.   In essence, it actually was a blessing in disguise, as I did want to change the direction I was going in.

My point in this, is looking at a situation as an opportunity. We may be stuck in a job we dislike or a relationship that is dead!

Rather than get upset or angry, put your energy into something else, your mind into let’s try something different.

Things we can ask ourself ..

What can I take from this situation?  What can I do differently ? What can I learn?

Think ….. This is my time, my opportunity to try something different… So lets use it…

Doors close all the time, but there is always another door!


Have a great week






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