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Forgive Yourself !

Forgiveness … ITs hard isn’t it ? Its hard to forgive others and even harder to forgive yourself for something.

We have all been in a situation or done something, that we may be ashamed of, or wish it hadn’t happened. We may have done things that make us feel rather rubbish, but it may be for the right reason. We may feel guilt about something and have flash backs, or we think constantly about the situation, it can consume us.

The truth is, we are not perfect, no one is. We all make mistakes and in fact, it is normal, to make mistakes in our life. It would be a sad place if everything was completely perfect, it would be  at tad boring really.

However when we do things that may end a friendship, relationship or hurt another person, it can make us feel guilty or angry, we may reflect over and over, why did  I do or say this, I wish I could turn back time.  You may accept it, but have a guilt complex that you want to change something.

Sadly We cannot  turn back time. We can’t change what was done, bt we can do things to help us accept it.

What we can do….

  • We can take accountability for our actions
  • We can apologise if you want to
  • We can realise our mistake and own it.
  • We can realise we are not perfect
  • We can then forgive ourself for our mistakes
  • We can also accept that perhaps it was a necessity to move on and that hurt another person. So you forgive yourself as it was right for you.
  • We can remind  ourselves that we deserve more.

We can all be cruel, or nasty at times, we may not mean to be, we may actual react and become nasty, but remember we are human. There is only so much we can take.

But remember we are allowed to make mistakes… we are allowed to look after ourselves.

The most important thing is to take ownership and forgive yourself.

Take care



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