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You can still burn out … even in lockdown!

Good morning all.

It is VE Day and a bank holiday, hopefully the sun will shine.

Its such a testing time for us all, with working from home, lockdown, furlough, kids home all day and really

we don’t have an end in sight.

I was thinking back, to how exhausted I was, running around the country trying to do so much and wishing I

could work from home all the time and have more time to spend at home, I would be more relaxed and less tired. … Be careful what you wish for !

Personally I have adjusted very well to working from home and lock down and does help having a garden and space to take a break.

I have staggered days and work, but what I noticed this week after 3 full days a the laptop and on zoom calls,

I noticed how exhausted I felt at the end of day. The headache and aches and pains.  How can I feel like this

just working at laptop.  BUT no matter what we do its still work, its still energy we are using, its still

interacting with others. I never really thought about it.   Today I really feel like I have ran a marathon and

worked 10 days straight.

I talk about self care a lot and how to help yourself , but perhaps I don’t  practice what I preach as much as I should myself.

SO….  plans;

Schedule my day and week

Set times for the day

Take breaks often and coffee

Schedule the zoom calls and min calls a day

Walk out side

Limit time on technology after work


More exercises

Stop and reflect

Do something to relax each day- read, colour, draw, write.  

Helping others and supporting people, can get lost in you at times, so as a coach and trainer, I need to ensure I look after me also.

I do feel burnt out this week, my head has been buzzing around with so many things.  So today is my day, to

switch off ( after I put this out obviously) go into garden, no phone and read.

Remember you have to look after yourself first !

Have a brilliant day and there is to all the heroes on VE Day 2020


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