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I have attended a few training sessions which Janine has provided and I can only say that they have been some of the best training that I have ever received. Janine made the learning fun and interactive with lots of scenarios based on honest and real experiences.

It didn’t really feel like learning, I came away from the sessions feeling that I had absorbed the information and learning and due to the nature of the way it was delivered, I put into practice what I had learned without really even thinking about it.

It was always a really enjoyable experience, Janine gave us the opportunity to talk about our real experiences and this helped in learning how to deal with situations in a professional manner but also taking into account our own feelings and how we deal with them.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her courses. When I turn up to a training course and see that Janine is facilitating it I know it’s going to be time well spent and that I will take away from it useful knowledge which is easily transferable into my job without too much effort on my part. I always feel at the end of a session invigorated and not tired. It’s always a pleasure taking part in her courses!

Lyndsey Price
General Manager


I would like to say a big thank you to Janine – JSP Consultancy and Coaching for all the help, advice and support she gave me when doing my Level 3 Leadership and Management, I was so lucky and thankful for having such a thoughtful , kind and top instructor who I have learned so much from, Janine was always there supporting me through my course and nothing was to much trouble, if I wasn’t sure if anything she would sit down and go through things with me and explain and show it in a different way for me to understand, I was always given course material provided me with useful knowledge and understand the units that I was doing, Janine give me so much confidence with all the support, one to ones where she would go through thing and explain, Janine made me feel so comfortable with her and nothing to much trouble always there guiding, highly recommend Janine is perfect in what she does in her consultancy and coaching, going to really miss her, thanks again for all you patience.

Debra Gray 

Having been my mentor and trainer I wanted to give you some feedback. 

Your training is always engaging, no powerpoints mostly discussions and examples of real like situations which ppl deal with such as dealing with conflict. 

The sessions are inspiring, your training course is the only one I have ever felt comfortable taking about my dyslexia in front of a group of people and you made me realise how far I have come in my self confidence and in my career, I never thought I could become a leader having dyslexia! 

As my mentor during the completion of my CYP level 5 your support was amazing alswaysbin hand via email/phone to help and support me! During research for units I didn’t realise how many famous leaders have dyslexia. You understood my unique learning style and your feedback from observations has allowed me to better my self as a manger and a leader! 

For example ensuring when staff want to speak to me I ensure I give my full attention ( putting my laptop screen down) and /or going to another room as the office is such a busy environment. 

I have enjoyed you being my mentor so much that I now want to further my experience in my role from children’s into adults services 

Thanks so much for your help, support and guidance 

 Sarah Russell 

Head of Education 


Feedback from coaching client H

“Before speaking with Janine I was struggling with moving forward from my past and feeling like I didn’t fit in.

Almost like I was looking into the world but unable to feel like I was apart of it.

It has only been a few weeks but Janine has put a number of activities into place to help me.

I now write in my journal that focuses around what I am grateful for and what positives have happened within that day. This has helped me highlight things are getting better.

I have also started doing a to do list which has helped me plan my days better and actually see what achievements I have completed throughout the week.

I have definitely benefited from speaking with Janine and look forward to getting myself back out there and enjoying life again. Thank you for your continued support.

Feedback from an assessor about online delivery 
Hi Janine, 
I’ve just spoken to one of my learners. I thought I’d let you know; they gave you some lovely feedback from one of your teaching sessions last week. You explained everything well, went at a good pace and a great support. He was quite nervous about attending the sessions and you helped with his anxieties around this massively. 
Thank you!


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