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Why am I feeling like this ? Anxiety – What is that ?


We have heard this word a lot, especially over the past few months.

What is it?

Do I have it?

What can I do?

Why do I have it?


All questions I have asked myself and I am sure many, if not most people have suffered from anxiety, at some point or on an occasion in their life.


“Anxiety is a feeling of unease, such as worry or fear, that can be mild or severe:


The first time I can remember feeling totally overanxious, was in a supermarket at Christmas a few years ago.  There was so much noise and so many people, I felt that my heart was going to stop, I couldn’t breathe, I was sweating, I couldn’t think, I had to leave the store fast and the tears wouldn’t stop. I was scared, that was the feeling I had, total fear.

Why did it happen? I have no idea, why that day, who knows .  I don’t like Christmas, I have a massive hole in my life and Christmas is a hard time, which I go abroad to get away from.  But that day, I had to pick things up from the supermarket and it happened.

It became apparent that is was a severe panic attack, that then led to me having anxiety,  in crowded places, that I still suffer from now.

I hate going to place that has many many people, all crowded together. I always have to think before I go to a place and plan ahead.

Don’t ever underestimate what anxiety can do to a person, it can lead to so many other issues.


With the current lockdown situation and the corona virus pandemic, many people are suffering from anxiety, OCD, depression, its such crazy time for us all and we all deal with things differently.

We may never have had these feelings before and may not know how to deal with feelings that are new to us.

The feeling of the unknown, fear of the virus, the feeling of missing others and worrying about family and friends.

Please know that these are totally normal feelings. You are not alone in these feelings, even if others don’t want to admit it, I am sure they do have fears.

Also, the fear of going back to social interaction after the lockdown eases, this is something that I keep thinking of.

I also think what will the world look like after this, when will it go back to normal if ever?  Who knows and there is nothing I can do, but I can help myself?   I will also be discussing preparing for coming out of lock down.


So I have a few things I have started to do when I start to feel over anxious:

  • I limited the amount of media and social media I look at. There is so much going on,  that can make your mind go into over drive.   So limit the time you spend and limit the news.


  • I use my band around the wrist – this helps control your feelings, by taking the pressure onto your wrist, you stop thinking and can help control your breathing. Something I have used for a long time and always recommend it to clients.


  • Breathing – slow steady and controlled breaths and use one my fiddle toys or stones that help calm my breathing.


  • Sitting in silence – using mindfulness.


  • Read or Audio books – I have discovered the love of books again.  It takes my mind away form everything.


The one thing you do need to know, we all have fears of some sort, it’s nothing to feel ashamed off and you are not alone.  Talk to others and tell them how you feel.

So please take care of you, never be ashamed to admit your feelings and always know you are not alone.








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