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Change is inevitable

Start of another week and we are still in this lock down situation.

Let me ask you a question?  Have you changed during this time?

I think I have, truthfully and I do think its for the better. Change is normal, natural and inevitable in life.

Over my lifetime, I have had some major changes in my life and with those changes, its normal, for you as a person

to grow, develop and change.  John Fischer, who developed something called the change curve, shown in this post

Which shows us the feelings and emotions we go through when we transition or change.  I am sure we have all experienced some of these feeling and emotions recently during this pandemic.  I know I have gone through every emotion on this curve in a day.

But you know it is normal to have various emotions and feelings, when we are going through something such as change.

We shouldn’t worry, or think, should I be feeling this, this is wrong, why am I feeling like this.

No it’s not wrong,  we are all human and sometimes things are a bit scary and very different.  I don’t think we should feel bad, about feeling scared, anxious or guilty.  We should never apologise for our feelings or for us changing in any way.   We may change and drift apart from others, this is life and we do grow as people.

I have changed every time something happened to me. When my parents passed away, this was the biggest change I have ever experienced, this made me stronger, sadder, guilty, angry and ultimately my life was never going to be the same again.

It’s taken me many years to realise, its ok and normal to have a different emotion, sometime 10 in the space of an hour.

So how has this lock down period changed me .. Well I have coped, actually I have accepted it, coped and got on with it !

I realise I don’t need everything I buy or actually have,  I enjoy a simpler life, reading, enjoying the home and garden.

Maybe I have started to grow old.. ok I am older, but perhaps I am excepting the fact that we age and we don’t need as much as we do…

Shopping locally has become a norm, going to the local butchers and fruit shop, only very few days, not going to supermarkets.

The biggest change I have noticed, I feel calm, relaxed and not  anxious that I am missing out on things or should be doing more.

I realise the people who do care about me. I feel I can deal and cope with things(I have coped over the years, but sometimes I have not felt that, I felt I have just survived) I enjoy quietness and my own time, I used to hate this and hate silence. I used to put on every TV in the house as soon as  I came into the house.

I enjoy being in my home and I feel proud of the things I have achieved. I can’t say I have thought about all of this before.

Dealing with any change can be hard, it could be a small change, it could be a job, or moving home.  It may be coming out of this period and going back to work, or trying to go We could also mention grief here, but I want to discuss that in a different blog.

But ultimately as a person I have changed in a way that I am more accepting of think and feelings.

Here are some points for dealing with change.

Dealing with change:

  • Accept the way you feel – it is normal to have these feelings  
  • Try not to fight it
  • Do what you need to do to deal with the situation 
  • Write how you feel about it 
  • Be honest 
  • Communicate with others on your feelings
  • Don’t push yourself too much. 

The one thing to remember , its normal to have these feelings and when we do come out of this situation, maybe the world may be a kinder and better place to be.  We can wish.

Have an amazing week.




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