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The end is nigh

Hi all ,

Well  another week in this cornovirus madness and as this lock down, is starting to ease, can we see light at the end of the tunnel?

Its been weeks of shops shut, not seeing people, family, friends, working from home and lets face it,

its been a total weird, mad time.  However as this starts to ease and many want to get back to normal and back to the office,

get out into pubs and restaurants, there are others that may be anxious and worried about a return to normality.

Before this happened, many people had a crazy, manic life, working all hours , social life, kids, trying to fit

everything in, being all to everyone.  But I have heard so many people, saying they are worried about

going back to a crazy, manic life and they have enjoyed the total relaxation and quiet time, more peaceful and enjoying time with family.


Personally, I have adapted very well and actually loved it.  I have done things that I never thought I would do.

On reflection, I don’t intend to be running around the country and trying to do everything all the time, trying to fit everything in.

I enjoy working from home, I have a lovely work place, overlooking my lovely garden, I have my constant

companion in Albi, who is a little mad and demanding, but that is Westies for you. I have more time with my learners

and clients, I have used the time to design and launch a website, started writing these blogs, which I

love doing and find so therapeutic.  I have started reading again, which is a total escape. I baked my first ever

cake and it was delicious, if I do say so !

So for many people, who are anxious, lets use the time that is left, to start putting planning in place.

Think about what you want, what you learnt in this time. What is right for you and what is the next steps.

It shows that life can go on and hasn’t really stopped in many ways.

Perhaps we have taken things for granted and now its time to embrace what’s is important to us and keep this.

I have still worked and completed what I need to do, without rushing about.

Yes I have missed my social life, as a I do love a lunch with he girls, but we have adapted.  My nails and hair need help, but hey thats minor.

So how do we transition back to something of a normality when lock down lifts, as don’t forget this is yet

another change. That change curve will come into the process. Your feeling and emotions will be up and down.

So please don’t forget this is normal.

So points to consider :

  • Plan – planning is key, plan time and days, schedule the transition.
  • Don’t push yourself into something you do not wish to do – explain  to others that it will take time.
  • Communicate to others – friends and family, how you feel about it.
  • Communicate and discuss with your company and manager- if you want to transition into the office work, ask if you can do it gradually
  • Do whatever is right for you and your family.  We are all different and no one has the right to say any thing different,

The one thing I will say, is thinks about what this time has taught you and embrace it.

I have learnt that I am a shopaholic, not matter what, online sales will dip massively, when shops open.

Seriously, I have learnt never take things or people for granted, embrace peace and quiet and time of reflection and ensure you do this regularly. Feel grateful for what we have and who we are.

Also never forget who is important in your life.

All my love



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