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Judge me, Judge me not!

Judgement..  Having or displaying an overly critical point of view”

We all judge don’t we? I often say that no one has the right to judge you, un less they have walked on the moon

twice, in a pair of Jimmy Choos !  But truth is , we all judge in some way. We look at someone and we judge them

for their looks, their clothes, their car, house, everything. Why?  Someone said to me, its human nature to judge,

but is it ? Does it actually say more about us as a person, if we are over critical to others?

Do we judge people to help us feel better about ourselves, is it because we lack our own acceptance?

I know I have judged others and in all honesty i don’t know why. I can have opinion of a person, I may not like them, but I don’t have the right to judge them on how they live their life, or their opinions and views.  ITs their choice as it is my choice to live my life as I want.

We do also subconsciously judge, someone said yesterday, that if she says she’s a single parent, she can see their faces and make a judgment, however if she’s say she’s a widowed parent, people totally change and ask questions.

Does society tell us our judgements?
I have been judged in some way shape or form, all my life, I suppose people still judge me, because of certain choices, or how I behave, or think.  In all honesty, I have now got to a stage in life that I really do not care about peoples judgements, or think of me.

Their opinion is none of my business. 

I do things for me and my choices are for me and how I feel.  I limit the news I watch, why ? to ensure I keep my mental health health.  Too much news can affect how I feel.  Too much negativity also affects me. I will be honest,I do not watch much on the current situation, as it does affect my mood and how I feel.

People update social media constantly and share views, so there is no getting away from it, but I can control what I see.

People may judge me for this, saying I bury my head in sand or I should know what is happening.  I do but on my terms.

So how do we finally become more accepting of us and others?

  • Accepting the past – it happened and you can not do anything about it
  • Let others be – their choice – does it affect you? no then move on
  • Accept your mistakes and learn from it
  • Don’t regret – learn
  • Own your decisions and be accountable for these, even if they may not be the right ones
  • Free our mind, accept people how they treat you and what you see, not what you hear.
  • Try to understand others, not judge them.
  • If you do find yourself judging, stop and think

There is something called the DUAL method –

  • Don’t pass judgment – be more are of your thoughts
  • Understand – understand the person, not their looks
  • Accept – once you understand the person, accept them and everything about them. We are all different
  • Love – Once you accept them you can love them.

There is always going to be judgmental people in life, we will probably always judge in some way, i saw a post about

plus size and how people view people are supposedly plus size !  Really, why do we always feel the need to comment on peoples looks, size, lifestyle?  Social media tells us we should look a certain way and we get sucked in.

I personally like to do things for me, I wear make up for me, but I am just as confident to go to the shops with no makeup and older joggers on.

Lets try to accept everyone for who they are as a person. We may not like them, but thats ok, we can’t like everyone and you may not be everyones cup of tea and THATS FINE.  You know you are fabulous as your are and those who love you, will love you for YOU !!





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