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Escape – The need to get away

Escapement – the need to get away from it all.

So another week in this lock down situation and I know I for one, am feeling the need to know the outcome, the need to start thinking of something to look forward too.

I was very much, there is nothing we can do, we have to go with it.. But as other areas and countries start to get back to some sort of normality, I cant help feeling envious.  Also feeling of sadness, about the whole situation, business that may not open, people that have lost loved ones and the lack of understanding as to why this happened.

In normal circumstance, we have had holidays, caravan escapes and days out with friends to plan, all things to look forward too, but this year has seen life almost cancelled.

These last couple of weeks, I have felt the need to just escape from it all.  I can go anywhere, but how can I turn my mind away from things.
I am usually positive and confident to the future, I try to always keep my mind positive but even I am starting to feel the drain and drag of this situation. The actual monotony and fear of what is to come also.

I have said before the need to control what I watch on news, but I have found myself wanting to escape more. From daily life, the grind of my home office, the feeling of groundhog day.  Also the lack of social interaction on a daily basis, although I enjoy my company and working from home, a small, bit of face to face human banter wouldn’t go a miss.

Thank goodness for ZOOM interaction and my fabulous learners, who are always so full of beans and laughter.

I felt I needed to open how I felt, as I am sure so many people are starting to feel it, also frustrations with people not following these rules.

I think it is so important to be open and honest and say look its hard .

SO escapement, how can we escape and help myself free our mind, aim to feel positive, forget about things for an hour or so.  For me the feeling of I want to feel NORMAL again.

These are my top ten:

  • MY garden, I have created a haven of peace, with plants and ornaments to surround me. I love just sitting there with coffee even on a dull day.
  • Hobby – mine has been art, painting, something I always loved, but had not tried , I feel totally inhibited when I am drawing or painting. I don’t think of anything else except what I am drawing.
  • Using mindfulness apps – an excellent way to just sit there and relax, I sometimes use in the bath or just before bed.
  • Gardening – I only have a small herb pot and some real flower pots, but I like to watch them grow and watering them gives me happiness and makes me smile.
  • Exercise – running, walking, gym session, dancing anything to get the body moving.  Walking or running into the hills sounds absolutely bliss.
  • Wellness gratitude journal – always try to be grateful. I have found this hard on days.  But I know I am so very lucky.
  • Reading – I think this is a luxury, time to read is precious, I usually only have time to concentrate on holiday, but the lovely sunny weather, abled me to read a lot and it took me to a lovely place, in Cornwall, South of France and Greece. I loved reading in my garden.
  • Writing – these blogs have been a god send and feedback from them has made me feel positive and keep going ( sorry about that)
  • Cooking – I have always loved cooking, I am not the best, but will give it a go. Again its taking my mind away
  • Doing my hair and make up and put on something other than loungers.  Just to sit in the garden with a glass of fizz.

Some of these things I know I will continue after this. I am starting to write about my reflection and learning from lock down, one thing I know will do it quality and never taken anything or anyone for granted again.

I also cant wait to start writing about other things, lol.

But this where we are and current, so I cant get away from it.

So once again thanks for reading and have great week and weekend and I off to escape to North Scotland in my new book.






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