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How long has it been, since this madness of lockdown? Who knows, I have lost track of time and the days!

I had week off blogging last week, but during that time, I was thinking ( dangerous)  and various things in the past, but also the various sayings and affirmations I love so much !

That saying that past is in the past, leave it there, is a favourite of mine, but recently, I have found it hard to not think back, due to being in house a lot and having time to think, reflect back, think of things that has happened and things that was done.

I will be honest, it doesn’t do me any good to keep thinking back and thinking, what if or why, or I should have done this.

Hindsight is wonderful !

It is true, there is nothing you can do about it, there is no point in regrets, as we cannot do anything about it and in honesty, it makes us miserable.  BUT, sometimes, we do need to go back to a place and think of that situation and more importantly, what we learnt from it.

IT is natural and normal, to think back and feel sad or happy about it, it is normal to have regrets.  It is normal to think of the past and situations have have that “what if” thoughts.

Sometimes I feel we are trying to be so positive and we feel guilty about thinking the past and feeling angry or sad,  I know for one I do.

So this last week, I did let myself look back to situations, but rather than a sad feeling or regrets, I sat down and thought, ok what DID I learn from it.

  • What did I learn about staying things in the heat of the moment?
  • What did I learn about relationships?
  • What did I learn from my childhood?
  • What have l learnt from my grief?
  •  What did I learn from how people treated me?
  • What did I learn how I treat others?

I came to the conclusion, that I have to accept that things happen. I also learnt that I am who I am, like or

dislike !  Really the past has defined who I am today!

My mum used to say,

what’s for you, won’t go by you,

she also used to say,

God wouldn’t give me anything I cannot handle.

I have learnt that life as it is, is a journey and in that journey, there will be lots of bumps!

So let’s not feel guilty about thinking of the past, let’s think and learn from it.

We need to:

Accept what happened, I cannot do anything about, being bullied, or my parents dying as they did.

What I can do is be grateful for them and who they were and taught me.

What I can learn from people treatment, is thats their problem, not mine. What I can do for myself is, accept life, learn and live it.

I can be kind to others, listen and try to do the best I can for myself and others.

Don’t let the past rule us, but help us to learn and live.

Have a fantastic weekend and stay sane all.




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