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Its a New Year.. New You ?

Wow wow wow… where had 2020 gone, we are now in 2021 and last blog I wrote was November.

So Happy New Year to you all.

Time just seems to skip by and just like that I am now in my mid 40’s.   OMG how id it happen, I am still 21 in my head!!

I always thought by 2021 we would be using some type of space ship to travel and all be in space suits or something, with robots as pets.

So its a new year and I always think I should feel like a new person on the 1st Jan, wake up and think, right I am going to do this and be this and am a new person, I am going to stop this, stop eating, take quick fixes, anything to change me….  …  BUT you know what 2020 has taught me ? I am ok as I am ! Seriously, I can truthfully say I have accepted who I am as a person, what I weigh, what i look like, lumps and bumps included.

For years, I have said this year I will be a size 10 and thin and beautiful and be happier.  Why ? Why did I think thin is beautiful ? why did I think i am not beautiful as I am?  media? instagram? I think some of these things tell us what we should be, however I am responsible for what I think of myself.  In a year that saw people dying, country in lockdown and our freedom taken for the good of the country, I done a lot of soul searching. I decided to launch a new business, with products. Fashion and cosmetics, a passion of mine.  I actually created and developed my own make up line and developed new casual, lock down, work from, comfy funky, looks.   I also created Facebook groups for males and females, to bring ideas, wellbeing, mental health discussions and support to people.  I raised money for different charities through raffles, I made new friends through the groups and although it was a strange time, 2020 was a real triumph for me as a person.

I really have accepted me!

I also came to the conclusion, I cannot do anything about other people actions and opinions of me. I knew that deep down and always said other peoples opinion of me is none of my business, but 2020 saw people I thought were friends turn. 2020 really did prove a lot to many.

Even though we were in a midst of a global pandemic, so much good came through, in people, communities, kindness and businesses.

New year ? New YOU ?  I am actually ok as I am… so before we all jump on a bandwagon and change who we are,

Lets accept who we are first before..


Love to you all, stay safe and sane




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