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Body Positivity – Embrace it

I was asked recently to comment on why we should embrace body positivity and the impact of the perfection of bodies on majority of reality TV.

This is something I feel passionate about. Why ?  It has taken me personally, years to accept who I am as a person and what I look like.

Now I’m not saying I don’t like to give things a helping hand ( as I like to call it)  …. lotions, potions, colours, tans etc….

But I have stopped fat diets and constantly critiquing every lump and bump on my body.

Why do we constantly compare ourselves  ?  Social media, models, TV, magazines, reality TV, these constantly shows us perfect bodies, hair, teeth. The likes shows such as Love Island and Ex on Beach etc, shows perfection to many, with no cellulite or stretch marks, they are size 10ze 10 and we look on in envy… However don’t forget ladies and gentleman.. …….Social media , photos, magazines all have filters, can be photoshopped, the camera CAN lie.  TV shows has lights, makeup, good lighting, they can hide multiple sins on these.

In reality guys..- There is no such thing as perfect body.  No one is PERFECT.

Also in reality , the average dress size of a female is a size 16.  The amount of people who are suffering from eating disorders, is at a massive high,  the diet industry is multi million if not billion pound industry, everywhere you look there is is, Keto diet , fasting, shakes, do this and look 20 years younger.  ( yes yes I have tried them)

The list is endless..  WHY ? We want what we see on tv and social media. We want perfection. We think what we see on these shows and pages is real and in fact it’s not, it’s far from reality.

The actual impact on people is so negative and can be toxic and cause a major issues such as  stress, body dysmorphia, depression and not to mention debt, the cost of these things are not cheap and many rely on credit cards and why ?  For a perfection!

I am not stranger to any of these things, but I would say over the last couple of years, I have become to accept who I am and what I look like, I like to go to gym, I like to help my self, with self tan, makeup, nails, etc, but hiding my arms and no bikini are a thing of the past.. This is me and I have wobbles.

The  one thing since joining TikTok and on Instagram, I have noticed, is the  rise in curvy bodies and what people class as a plus size body positivity movement.  Ladies of all ages, shapes and sizes embracing their own bodies. It is refreshing to see ranges of people who are natural, no filter, no adaption, acceptance of themselves and what their body shape is.

We need to embrace body positivity and confidence for all.  We cannot all be slim, or have six pack, we cannot all have perfect skin, or teeth, or hair.

What we can do, is believe we are beautiful, believe in who we are and what we look like. If we have stretch marks or tummy or wobbly bits, SO what, what has it actually to do with anyone else . Other peoples opinion of me is none of  my business.


If people want to diet great, if people want to lose weight fine ! If people don’t thats their choice, if people are small, mid or larger, so be it …But let’s not judge others, let’s not compare ourselves to others.

Beyou ….

Start to believe in your own beauty and think what all these stretch marks, cellulite, wobbles have achieved…


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