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Where have I been ?

Hi all


WOW I cannot believe that we are now in June 2021 .. my last blog was Jan 2021 … I cannot believe that it has been so long … SO where have I been, what has been happing in the world of JSP ?

Well, we are now slowly coming out of this lockdown, we are starting to gain a slight normality, the sun has shone for a few days, so I am feeling rather happy.  I am going to write about the changes and the feelings we have about trying to get back to some normality, later in the month.

But back to me… ( lol)

The past 6 months, has been a mix of mundane daily grind, feeling up and down on a roller coaster and madness of work at times.

Some exciting things have been happening in the consultancy field, working with some new partners and courses, a new coaching contract started in April, which has been amazing and beyoubyjsp, has been ticking over nicely. There are products now on the website, which I need to work on and get them all updated. But an email to me I can email products and links to Facebook and instagram.

Oh also, after really not getting TikTok, JSP is on TikTok, no funny dances ( well 1 or 2) but mainly offering a bit to motivation to the Tiki’s Tok world.

I also mastered the joys of teaching on Zoom and I am loving it. Its a great, cost-effective way to teach certain course. Didn’t think I would like this, but I really am.

So work wise, its busy and a positive 6 months. I feel a bit disappointed in myself, not updating my blog and getting to grips with my website, updating things as much as I should and I really enjoying Bloggs and talking about different topics.  So watch this space AGAIN.

So thats all about me.. I have uploaded a new selfie, still love to selfie, it was first glam up of the year and needed to have selfie to mark the occasion.

SO that’ll for now and watch out for the new blogs coming up….




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